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Phoenix Collective

Full-service marketing agency re-births out of Covid-19 crisis

Originally founded in 2011, Nicky Arthur PR, a trusted name in the lifestyle and tourism industry, has evolved over the years, aligning to meet the needs of the ever-changing climate of the media marketing landscape. It now embraces a radical change in the face of radical adversity by launching a new alliance with some of South Africa’s leading experts in the industry.

The Phoenix

The emerging collaboration acknowledges that some of the greatest societal and corporational transformations occur in the midst of calamity, quoting Ginni Rometty: "Someone once told me growth and comfort do not coexist. And I think it's a really good thing to remember."

Adopting the belief that “together is better”, the partnership has been formed with a team of hand-picked professionals, launching as Phoenix Collective. Not abandoning the original name entirely, the new brand was inspired by the Arthur family crest, the mythical phoenix - an inspiration of strength in tribulation and the undying spirit of resilience and optimism.

Ancient Greek tales recount stories of the phoenix, a powerful and flaming bird that regenerates, or is reborn, from the ashes of its predecessor. In a time of worldwide hardship, Nicky Arthur and her new partners see this as a rebirth, much like the legendary phoenix, rising out of the ashes of an industry that’s been annihilated by recent global events. Choosing to reinvent and reorganize in the midst of a collective shift, the company and its alliances are ready to take to the skies with energy and purposeful passion.

The Collective

New, with a track record.

Rising afresh from the embers of the slumping industry, Phoenix Collective will deliver both new and time-proven creative marketing services, while being backed by over 50 years of collective experience. The agency has assisted a range of world-class brands with pride, such as AgeWell, Solal, JP Morgan, KFC, Cadburys, Azura Retreats, Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, The Thornybush Collection, Klaserie Drift, Diane Paris, Rare Earth Retreats, The Four Seasons Westcliff Hotel, The Refillery, Steenberg Wines, Creation Wines and many others.

“We all want to invest our time and energy into building a collective that has meaning, passion and innovation at its core. We want to achieve a return on investment and a positive measurable impact for all of our clients, including our greater community as a whole, and the environment.”

The dynamic new Phoenix Collective is a powerhouse of professional force, assembled by Nicky Arthur, who dared to envision a greater future that needed a wider range of expertise. The formidable collaboration will be made up by the following independent entrepreneurs:

Nicky Arthur, PR & media expert

Leoné van Zyl, Sales force & social media executor

Kirsty Coetzee, Copywriter and content entrepreneur

Paul Steyn, Videographer and content creator with an international track record

Lynette Botha, Travel Writer & Content Specialist - acclaimed writer for luxury brands and experienced journalist

Kelly McGillivray, theSQUAD Creative Events Manager - planning inspiring events that leave a legacy.

Elaine Ainsworth du Toit, Strategist at Postt - passionate website and brand design and development

Each of the new business contributors brings with them a wealth of experience and knowledge in their fields, sharing a common desire and determination to effect positive change. The new Phoenix Collective offers a wider range of sales, PR and marketing expertise, and diversity in thought and action, while passionately serving multiple industries in luxury and leisure, hospitality and catering, and eco-friendly lifestyle solutions.

With cutting-edge strategy, a client-centric approach, and delivery excellence at its core, Phoenix Collective brings the following to the table:

● Greater diversity in creativity and innovation

● First-rate media pitching and coordination

● B2B and B2C trade sales management

● Social media strategy and management

● Corporate identity and brand development

● Corporate and lifestyle events

● Strong relationships with local and international media and influencers

● Robust integration of PR and communication strategies

● Management of website and marketing collateral

● Powerful content development and video production

● Brand reputation perception management

● Crisis communication strategy


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