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BARE: Cigarettes with an environmental edge

Four years ago, an idea was born - to combine the refined taste and environmental benefits of ‘rollie’ tobacco with the convenience of conventional cigarettes. 

 In November 2018, the concept was finally put to paper. After over a year of brand development, tasting and testing, meeting regulations, market research and refining the final product, a cutting edge new cigarette brand is on the market. BARE will launch to smokers nationwide, at the end of the ban on cigarettes, post COVID-19 lockdown. 

100% Biodegradable, from box to butt

The budding new brand is centred around its heart for sustainability and community, and sets out to make minimal impact on the environment. For this reason, the entire product, from packaging to filter, is biodegradable and manufactured locally using tobacco from community grown farms. 

  • The filter is made from wood pulp

  • The packaging is presented as bare, unlaminated card

  • Cigarette liners are eco-friendly and metal-free

  • Community-grown, crafted by masters

Black at the Nib, Green at the Heart

The chic-looking cigarettes impress the eye with a contrasting black nib, presented beautifully in a trendy, recyclable carton. Light to carry, and easy on the eye, BARE puts maximum effort into giving consumers a brand of smokes that delivers the full experience. 

Traditional cigarette filters are manufactured from cellulose acetate, which means they can take up to 15 years to break down, depending on the environmental conditions. BARE filters are produced using wood pulp, with a degradation rate of 2 - 3 months, depending on surrounding conditions. The difference is staggering and in the words of BARE Founder, Robyn Cronje, “If people are going to smoke - and they are - they may as well be rad about it.

Over and above its lower impact on the environment, each cigarette is packed with Mother Nature’s finest cured tobacco. BARE has turned to tobacco blending experts who possess decades of experience to produce a fine and fragrant flavour. 

The dark side’s gone good: a brand that cares

More than just a business in a cut-throat industry, BARE is determined to do what’s right and to give back to the communities that need it most, and they hope to inspire consumers (and even non-consumers) to do the same. 

BARE aims to leads by example with active involvement in beach clean-ups and various nature conservation opportunities. In other efforts to support artistic talent and reduce litter, the company sources locally-crafted ashtrays to donate to public restaurants and gathering places. 

We understand that our actions have a ripple effect, so we choose the ones that share the most joy, courage and positivity. Because when you care, you might just change the world.”

Expanding the Experience

BARE is a division of an apparel and lifestyle brand, Bare All. The young company is comprised of and driven by passionate people who care immensely and share the collective ideals of good vibes, great time and a love for the earth. 


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