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Immersive Marketing for Experiential Brands

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Mastering the Art of Marketing and Media Relations for over 20 Years


Full-Service Agency

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Phoenix Collective is a leading full-service marketing agency; a collaboration of industry experts with a combined experience of over 50 years, providing specialist services across a selection of platforms. Servicing a diverse array of clientele in a multitude of industries, our aim is to help each client to identify their brand individuality and to communicate an engaging message to a targeted audience, across the right medium at the right time.


What we do

  • Creative and innovative strategy development

  • Robust execution of PR and communication strategies 

  • Global and international media relationships

  • Digital marketing 

  • Videography and visual content creation

  • Website design and development

  • Corporate Identity and brand development

  • Powerful social media narrative 

  • Compelling media, digital and collateral content development

  • Corporate and lifestyle events

  • B2B and B2C sales and marketing

  • Trade management

  • Managing brand perception 

  • Crisis communication strategy

How We Broadcast Your Brand


With cutting-edge strategy, a client-centric approach, and service excellence at the core of everything that we do, Phoenix Collective delivers high-impact marketing that yields great results. 


PR & Media


Digital Marketing



Sales & Marketing


Corporate Identity & Brand Support

Lifestyle &

Corporate Events

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A Client-centric approach that yields great results

No two businesses are exactly alike. We don't apply cookie-cutter marketing strategies, but rather offer a tailored solution that gives our clients the freedom to create bespoke project-based campaigns, or long-term annual strategies.

The Collective

From offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, the diversity of people that exists in our team leads to diversity in thinking, creativity and actions for our business, and for yours. Our competitive advantage is the wide range of personal, specialised services that we offer to a select portfolio of handpicked, prestigious clients and premium brands. 

Having worked in the industry for the past 18 years, Nicky has built a renowned reputation for herself as one the leading experts in luxury-lifestyle, marketing and public relations. As previous Director of Communications for Cape Town Tourism, her relationship with top tier media and trade stands her in good stead within the travel and tourism landscape, ensuring positive and strategic return on investment for her diverse portfolio of clientele.


With the move to technology-based media, Nicky has truly found her niche and adapted her publishing, design and content generation skills to fit the online market. Nicky intimately understands the daily running of an online business and loves keeping up  with technology trends and  has strong PR and marketing skills.

Nicky Arthur

Director / Global Public Relations

Ingrid Cole

Account Manager

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Ingrid Cole is a seasoned professional with a diverse background that blends the art of communication with strong administrative skills. 

Honing her career in the dynamic world of hospitality for many years, allows Ingrid to master the intricacies of client relations and service excellence. With communications experience in the travel, financial and medical sectors, she contributes valuable insights to institutions navigating complex landscapes.


For the past six years, Ingrid has been an indispensable part of the Collective, where her role as an Account Manager has been invaluable, ensuring seamless operations and fostering an environment of teamwork. Ingrid Cole's journey is a testament to her adaptability and commitment to excellence, she is a communications specialist who effortlessly navigates diverse industries with grace and proficiency.

About Us
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Nahtalie Pautz

Operations Manager

With over 7 years of dedicated operations experience in the communications realm, Nahtalie is a seasoned professional excelling in streamlining operations tasks and crafting effective digital strategies. Her journey includes a successful tenure as Operations Manager, showcasing a commitment to excellence in tasks ranging from meticulous scheduling and general operations to the intricacies of digital strategy development and management. Nahtalie's expertise lies in providing top-notch support tailored to unique client needs. Embracing the dynamic nature of the communications space, she has adeptly adapted her operations skills to encompass the latest technology trends, making her an asset to clients navigating the complexities of online business. Passionate about delivering reliable and customized solutions, Nahtalie is committed to allowing her collegues to focus on their core objectives while she efficiently handles the rest.

Mercia Swart is an accomplished professional with a degree in Journalism from RAU. With a strong foundation in journalism, Mercia embarked on a diverse and dynamic career that has spanned various facets of the media and marketing landscape.

After completing their journalism degree at RAU, Mercia ventured into the world of advertising (working at New Media Publishing as Advertising Exec) and consumer marketing, bringing a fresh perspective and creativity to the field. 

Driven by a desire to explore different aspects of the communications realm, Mercia transitioned to Public Relations, showcasing her ability to build and maintain positive brand images. This phase of their career allowed her to understand the crucial intersection of media, public perception, and brand management.

Mercia specializes in Publicist and Media Management, leveraging her extensive background in journalism, advertising, consumer marketing, public relations, and brand management. As a seasoned professional, she understands the intricacies of the media landscape, and her keen insights have proven invaluable in crafting compelling narratives for her clients.

Mercia continues to make a lasting impact in the field of Publicist and Media Management one that combines a passion for the media with a diverse skill set and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Mercia Swart



Feathers in our Cap

Marketing & Media

We target all media platforms with compelling and engaging content to secure an outstanding market presence for our clients, that engages their ideal audience. Here are some examples of the types of exposure achieved across a multitude of platforms, including powerful video content that our digital specialists have delivered:

In the Limelight

Our spectacular corporate and lifestyle events are never forgotten; we set out to create fun events, activations, inspiration sessions and employee engagement! We’ve helped our clients host celebrities, influencers and VIP’s at enthralling events for years. See some of our event highlights captured below: